At the end of 2011 I spoke my elements.
2012 is the year for my return.
I speak : speak : speak to stay anchored, to abide deep, to hold Freedom’s hand.
I am clinging to the hem of that which I love, and I pray this hem is Love.

She, beautiful poet, sacred prophetess, names my ache and my knowing:

If it’s about love at all
(which it’s not)

it’s about the kind that’s ragged and mud-caked
and sees too far and knows too much and holds too tight.
The kind that reaches inside your body
through skin and muscle and bone and sinew
and grabs your heart like a vice-gripped thief;
and you with nothing left to pump your blood.

Shawnacy Kiker :  “This is not a Poem About Love”

And so I must speak them again, for I want to be saved.

I am water. I am flow. I am organic, dynamic movement, affecting change, fearless and direct. My path cuts rock and mountain, I am to sever, cleanse, create. I am to be ever-change, ever-new, always connected, cycling and {re}cycling. I am connected into the Water of Life. I am a drop, I am an ocean.

I am fire. I am power. I am force, fury, charged-to-full energy. I am not apology, I am not methodical. I am the chaotic, the consuming, I am the dying. I am forged from the Source, I am unafraid and built to burn, to {re}create space for the return of life. I am a spark, I am a volcano.

I am earth. I am woman. I am body, named Moon’s daughter, I am emotions. I am sunk in deep, grounded through living here, accepting now. I am soul manifest : in tears, laughter, skin : in moving, expanding, dying, and birthing. I am intuition and gut-knowings, and when the emotions speak I will listen, when they consume I will surrender. I am from Her womb and I will return to Her. I am dirt, I am holy ground.

I am in surrender, in return to my primal self, my elemental me. I have lived on the outer rim, a shadow of my self, a distant cry from my source, my living. She is calling me home, She is singing me back to my holy ground, my sacred space. There is no more time for hiding, diluting, skirting my Yes!. I see the wide open space, I welcome the vulnerable, the surrender, the risk.

I am a breath, I am eternal.

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