:: Rain has started a series of soul prompts ::

This week she invites us to explore the secret life of blurting and I jumped at the chance. My god but I need a good blurt!

I don’t really care about people. Not really. Not in the way I was raised to. You know the caring I am talking about, where you are careful and considerate, where you console and re-position yourself for the comfort of others. To be very blunt, I don’t give a damn about the comfort of others. Life is not about re-positioning, re-arranging, and re-thinking myself for everyone else. Life is spectacular, awkward, and holy-shit-uncomfortable most of the time.

The type of caring that I was created for is full of feeling and fire, it is sincere and specific, and perhaps savage at times. For I am a woman spun-whole and I might be too honest, too intentional, too spiritual for many. But I am peace-filled and wholly-alive, and that is what matters.