:: Rain has started a series of soul prompts ::

This week is an invitation for all vulnerable and haunted hearts.

So my prompt for you today is this: what makes you feel and believe that you are truly loved all the way-down-deep into your bones?

This prompt has not been easy for me to answer. Or perhaps, I have not been ready to speak my uneasy answer.

I want to say that love constantly pours through me and I feel it. But in truth, I feel that my performance controls the love given. As I rise and fall, so does love. Here, now gone.

I was taught that Jesus loving me is all I need. I’m just not sure what to do with such bright and shiny love.

Sing it like it is, in all its horror. Let the body move, clap, roar it out, cry it out, shout it out, fall on the floor weep it out — but face it like it is and let it go.  :: Marion Woodman

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